Thursday, 21 January 2010

Anthologies and whatnot

I've just come home to find my copy of 'And Now the Nightmare Begins' the Horror Zine anthology on the kitchen table waiting for me. I'm in it. Alongside Simon Clark and Ramsey Campbell. How cool is that?!

My story is called Delete Contact? I wrote it after having a weird dream about mobile phones... You can buy the anthology from Amazon. Now-Nightmare-Begins-Horror-Zine

I'm also in an anthology called 'Old Magic in a New Age' published by Earlyworks Press. 
You can get this from here
And lastly, there's 'Casting Shadows' which I'm in rather a lot. Along with Joleen Kuyper, and Jo Robertson. You'll like this one. ;-)

You can buy Casting Shadows from various places. Most people prefer Amazon I think. Follow LINK for UK or LINK for USA.

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