Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Writing The Barbarians' Key

I started my Power of Malinas trilogy when I was seventeen. The first two books, The Kingdom of Malinas and The Empress Graves, were finished within a couple of years of each other. Book one I polished up and published. Book two I re-wrote, adding some scenes and another storyline before publishing.

Book three... Book three is The Barbarians' Key. I started it, but only managed about sixteen chapters before I got distracted by, well, life I guess!

Several years later and I'm trying to finish writing this book, telling myself to work on it every day. It's far more complex than the first two books with more plot lines and 'grown up' characters. I'm determined to finish it. Once it's written, then comes the task of editing and re-writing!

I'm currently at 45000 words and think I'm about halfway through. My target date is May. My birthday.

We'll see...

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