Monday, 3 March 2014


So... I'm very happy to announce that me and another author, Liz Powell, have signed with Torquere Press. The contract is for our novel, Otherworld, which is a contemporary fantasy with a romance going on between the two MCs.

It's about an artifact known as the 'prism' (cos, well, it's a prism) which can transport the soul of the person who touches it into the after life, or 'otherworld.'

James, son of the Celtic Goddess Cliona (based on ClĂ­odhna and Fand), has taken the prism and ran away to England to work as a fisherman with his dad. However, nasty Irish gangster Davey McGrath is after the prism and sends our other hero, posh boy William (aka Liam) to get it back.

Cue Liam and Jim falling for one another and all sorts of shenanigans as they run from the law, gangsters, and James's scary mother.

No release date or cover art to reveal yet, but I'll come back to do that when I know. As of now, we're sorting out tax forms and waiting to be assigned an editor.

All very exciting. :)

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