Saturday, 30 August 2014

Butterflies Part 2

So... I have since seen four new (to me) butterflies since my last blog post and actually managed to get photos of them all!

brown argus
First  up, the brown argus. Spotted this one at Ham Hill in Somerset, it just came and landed on the ground right in front of me. I knew straight away it was a brown argus, even though they can be quite similar to female common blues. Managed to get some good shots before my dog Beau charged over and it flew away.

small copper
A small copper - just what I wanted to see! I hadn't expected to see this - I just came across it feeding on this plant and it stayed for a very long time, allowing me to take lots of photos. I hadn't realised how small they are. Super pretty.
small heath

This is a small heath on the right - just took this photo today actually, and as the weather's quite poor, I didn't even have my camera on me as I wasn't expecting to see butterflies. Luckily, I had my mobile phone. So the picture quality isn't great, but at least I do have a picture.

This is a holly blue. Bit of a scraggy one! Small blue butterflies with black around the edges of their wings. Photo taken at Thurlbear wood, Somerset.

On the right is a comma! Seen them before, so not new to me, but first time I've managed to get a photo.You can see the little white 'comma' mark on the underwing which gives them the name.

Bonus moth pics!

heart and dart
Heart and dart moth on the left. Big-ish. Has heart and dart markings on the wings, hence the name. You can just see the darts in this pic.

The photo below is of a garden carpet moth that came into our kitchen.

garden carpet

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