Friday, 11 March 2016


I was chatting to a friend of mine about her paintings and she convinced me to have a go. I'd not painted anything before (other than walls!) so had a quick Google of what's a good medium for a beginner to get started with. I even did a little quiz. (This one) Which told me I should try acrylics.

I bought a 20 piece painting set of acrylics from The Works for a fiver. Bargain. I figured, if it turns out I'm crap, I've not really lost anything. I bought a sketchpad and waited for it all to arrive.

Now, I hate being crap at stuff, and it turns out... I'm actually alright at this painting lark.

Here are some of my paintings.

This is my first attempt. I love butterflies and figured they'd be fairly easy to do. It's a common blue. The colours aren't right, but it's ok.

Um... so this is my dog Beau. As a farmer. Just because.

A lovely lady I know crocheted me a gorgeous moomin as a house warming present, and some excellent ninja snails for Christmas. I know she likes long tailed tits, so I painted one for her. (Check out her Facebook page)

Watching too much 'The Secret Life of the Zoo'...

I bought a couple of teeny tiny canvases from The Works for £1 each. What else to paint on a teeny canvas than a teeny bird? This is a wren. Painting on canvas is quite hard because the canvas soaks up the paint. 

I love hares. This is actually a gift for someone. I think he's probably my best one so far. The more I do, the better I should get, right? I'm currently working on a commission (if anybody wants to commission me, feel free to drop me a line via my website) I can only do animals though.

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