Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Green Fingers

Back in May, I was watching Gardener's World and they were giving away free seeds. I can't resist free things so I sent off for some. They came a little while later and now I'm really into my gardening!

I'm growing tomatoes, butternut squash, beetroots, peppers, sweetcorn and lettuce. Though the lettuce is dead now. I've also bought my seeds ready for next year and am considering getting one of those mini greenhouses to grow my seedlings in. (This year they littered the windowsill in the kitchen...)

I also like houseplants, especially weird or unusual ones! I have an orchid, that I bought for £2! (Love a bargain!) But it requires surgery. Apparently I have to sterilise some scissors, cut off a leaf, and then seal the cut with cinnamon powder. I haven't tried it yet...

My newest plant is a bromeliad. A massive purpley pink guzmania. Tis prettyful!

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