Sunday, 14 February 2010

Exeter Comic Expo 2010

I was a guest at the Exeter Comic Expo yesterday, had my own little table where I could sell my books from. I'd not done anything like this before so it was a learning experience more than anything, but I did sell some books at least!

I set everything up and then got chatting to the guy on the next table to me who was an artist. I thought he looked vaguely familiar but couldn't place him and it turns out I used to go to school with him! Not seen him in over ten years. He was there selling some of his art prints, I remember that he was always drawing at school. At the end I swapped him a copy of my book for one of his Spiderman prints and we both signed each others work.

As for the actual event it was really busy in the morning, then not a lot went on in the afternoon. I had a few people stop and ask me questions but everybody was there for the comics and art. A few people took the freebies I was offering (postcards/bookmarks) and a guy came up and was asking me about writing as he said he wrote short stories and that.

I will be doing more of these events, hopefully, and my next one will be in Bristol in May. I think I'll make my table look more exciting next time to entice people over!

Just a couple of pics from the event. Darth Vader and my table of books.

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