Monday, 14 June 2010

Death at a Funeral

I'm talking about the film here, not something that's actually happened to me. Although I have been to a funeral where somebody was dead.

Anyway, I saw the trailer for the 2010 film (or as the Americans say 'movie') on the tellybox a while ago. My first thought was 'Yay, James Marsden!' The bloke who is the highlight of 'Enchanted.' Because the dude looks so pretty dressed as a prince.

My second thought was 'ooh, James Marsden gets nekkid in this film!' Because... well, who doesn't want to see that?

(Weirdly, James Marsden in leather à la Cyclops in X Men does nothing for me...)

So, I'm looking for information about the film and come across an interview with Chris Rock. That funny fella. He plays the lead in the film. I read what he has to say for himself and find out that this film is actually a remake. And that the original film was British.

Now, why do Americans have to make an American version of British stuff? Seriously? I don't get it. I can only think of one instance where there's been a British remake of an American show. And it wasn't actually a remake. It was a spoof. And that was on SMTV. Yes, I'm talking about Ant and Dec's version of Friends: 'Chums.' And as far as I'm concerned, that was a thousand times better than Friends.

I digress. I can't really even remember what I was getting at now.

Where was I? James Marsden, pretty, American remakes, Chris Rock... Oh yeah. I'm reading Chris Rock's comments on the original film and he's making it sound pretty terrible. I'm thinking it's got to be an old film. From the 50s or earlier. So I look it up on IMDB, just because I'm nosy like that.

2007. That's when the original 'Death at a Funeral' was released. 2007. That's a mere three years ago.

I read the cast list. And I see Alan Tudyk's name. I love Alan Tudyk. I adore Alpha and who doesn't love Steve the Pirate? Wat from A Knight's Tale anyone? The dude is just awesome. I watched Serenity for the second time recently. "I am a leaf on the wind..." *blubs*

So I have to watch the original version now. So today I did.

And it was fricking funny!! I rarely laugh out loud at films (though Run, Fatboy, Run got me the other day) but this film had me laughing so much that my brother stops what he's doing to ask me what the hell I was watching.

I realise while I'm watching the film that James Marsden has the Alan Tudyk role. The guy who gets accidentally drugged. He even has Alan's 'massive hands' line in the trailer. Now, I'm sorry, James, you're so pretty but Alan Tudyk is like some sort of actor-genius there's no way you'll play the part better than him. And now I can't watch the 2010 version. Sorry, Chris Rock, your film can't compete with this:


  1. I watched it last night. The original. Really funny! I loved it. I like Chris Rock normally but I don't think I'll bother with the remake.

  2. Woo! Finally it let me post a comment. I had to click really fast to beat the word verification thingy.