Saturday, 17 July 2010


Beauregard, AKA Beau, Beau-dog, Bodelay, Beau Jangles, Bo-face, Poodlehead, LeBeau, Git and Little Sod, is my Jack Russell cross Poodle puppy.

He's smart but God he's annoying sometimes! Puppy classes for us! I can't write a longer blog about the ins and outs of a jackapoo because I currently have one sleeping on my feet and I need to somehow remove him so that I can get up to pee. But, I will post a photo.

Spread the cuteness.


  1. He is insanely cute. Joe doesn't like terriers much, or poodles, and even he was going "aw" at the pics you put on facebook!

    You're as bad for the nicknames as I am!

  2. I wasn't particularly a terrier or poodle person either, but can't resist the cute!

    His new nickname is Poodleface now. Also just Poodle. And Beaudle.