Saturday, 31 July 2010

General Musings

Beau the psycho pup is being quiet... he's wandered off so technically I should get up and go and see what he's doing, but instead I'm here. Writing about nothing. I should also be working on The Barbarians' Key, the third book in the Power of Malinas trilogy. I should be working on it... but I'm not.

Instead I'm messing about online and pondering my likes and dislikes.

  • I like chocolate brownies. Especially home made gooey ones.
  • I like frilly tops and shoes with bows on.
  • I like biscuits. Any biscuits. Apart from ginger nuts.
  • I like gardening.
  • I like eating. 
  • I like sleeping.
  • I like it when Beau is sleeping and I can write nonsensical blog posts which nobody will read.
  • I like it when people say my writing is fantastic
  • I like rats.
  • I like Ben Barnes.
  • I like really weird music. The weirder the better. Strange instruments are the best.
  • I like Hayao Miyazaki. But not in that way.
 What I do not like:
  • Cheese.
  • Wine. Well, any alcohol really, but wine especially.
  • Drunk people.
  • Coriander.
  • Baby carrots.
  • Babies crying.
  • Poor grammar.
  • Beau eating my shoes.
  • Monobrows.
I'm sure there is a lot more in both categories, but really, I can't be arsed to write any more. I'll finish with my favourite joke.

What's the boss of the hankies called?

The hanky-chief.


  1. Oh wow, cool, I can comment without a cyber-fight now, yay! Liking the new layout!

    You know it's meant to be 'vein', clearly, as that's the one you went for, and you're a grammar nut! I presume the saying relates to the tubes which carry blood around the body and how they all end up going back to the heart in the end. Pleasant thought.

    Affect/effect is the one that always gets me.

  2. P.S. That's a truly awful joke :P